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Working Wonders... The Assurance Group, Inc.

A typical work environment is no longer a safe assumption. At The Assurance Group, Inc. (TAG), employment leads to enjoyment with our progressive attitude toward time spent in the workplace. Our associates' personal interests, backgrounds, and styles are as varied as one can imagine; however, what we have in common is our passionate commitment to serve our clients and one another. Read on to learn more about our passion and what sets us apart.

The Culture

  • management style: open, empowering, consistent, high expectant, fair, fun;
  • commitment to service: serious, genuine, universal, enduring;
  • training: supportive, solid, designed for success, ongoing;
  • core values: ethical, forthright, consistent, creative, committed, hard-working;
  • entrepreneurial spirit: inventive, responsible, solution tasked, proactive; and
  • dress: relaxed, low maintenance, comfortable.

New ideas are encouraged and innovation is celebrated. Change is a part of our culture; we accept... no, we embrace it! Leadership falls to everyone as open exchange and candid conversation are encouraged. TAG associates work hard during business hours, plan well at semi-annual retreats, and play hard during company-wide social events scheduled throughout the year. This is also a time for associates to catch up on what is going on with one another's families, friends, and the events that make up our lives. Project planning, development, and client needs and setup are delivered at our regular Quality Circle and Focus Cell meetings where all departments of TAG are intently involved in the delivery of our services.

The Facility

There is a strong relationship between work environment, associate productivity, and happiness. At TAG we take this very seriously. Many of the amenities we enjoy today, as well as the design of our 16,000+ square foot service center, were born out of annual retreat Blue Sky sessions - a creative process whereby associates think outside of the box.

Examples of Blue Sky suggestions that have become realities in our work environment include mobile hexagon shaped work stations (pods) designed and built to foster personal privacy and comfort while conveying a sense of openness. Sound reduction materials cover the high walls of each pod to provide an amazingly quiet environment. Each pod is equipped with a personal comfort system that puts the associate in control of the flow of white noise, light levels, filtered and conditioned air. It also gives associates control of their personal radiant heat panel for warmer feet and legs on a crisp winter's day.

Stocked weekly with snack and meal items selected by our associates, our break room with adjoining outdoor covered patio is a pleasant place to spend a quick break or a full lunch hour. Once a month associates plan and prepare meals fit for, well if not kings, very hungry and grateful coworkers.

Free and abundant parking, personal lockers and showers, conference rooms and work stations, storm shelters, as well as a fresh air system that constantly supplies filtered air are just some of the amenities that help the day go well for associates at TAG.

Safe and Secure

With safety and security being primary concerns, touch-free access control readkeys are issued to each associate to control and monitor entry into the 24/7 secured building. A well lighted parking lot provides added security after dark.

What Associates Have to Say about TAG

  • progressive attitude toward training and continuing education,
  • effective and fair performance evaluations,
  • flat organizational structure – not too hierarchical/bureaucratic,
  • well trained staff who work well together, no silos tolerated,
  • flexibility in work hours – respect of life/work balance,
  • stocked break area,
  • generous time off (PTO),
  • the facilities . . . bright, clean, state of the art work environment,
  • break areas . . . both inside and out,
  • the people,
  • location, location, location,
  • the storm shelters,
  • high performance expectations,
  • trust from management,
  • attention to and consideration of personal and family issues,
  • growth and advancement opportunities,
  • alternative work locations – telecommuting,
  • latest technology updates in equipment,
  • well trained staff who work well together,
  • smart and caring IT staff, and
  • ethical work environment.

At The Assurance Group, Inc. the entrepreneurial spirit is an essential element in everything we do. Associates must have a propensity to embrace entrepreneurialism, to seek a finer way, and to view their work not from the confines of a job description, but with a passion for seeking new and better ways to serve and satisfy our clients, both internal and external. Do you have the drive that is required to be a TAG team member? Contact Us!